April 7, 2011

i’ve moved!:)

determined to start blogging again, how else to remember what’s happening!




March 20, 2011

oh wow, now. thanks for clarifying it up. im now a domineering person/girlfriend.


may karma kick you back in the ass.

March 13, 2011

it’s been more often than not that I’ve been doubting the decisions made.
Every, decision.

It’s like being stranded in the middle of nowhere, now I dont even feel like going back.
i was looking forward to the next semester, but not anymore i think. nothing’s going to be in comfort zone anymore, nothing’s going to be the same. The familar faces share stories I can perhaps never relate to anymore, i can smile but it’s just, not the same.

if i could turn back time, would I do the same?

February 8, 2011

when you gossip about someone i love so much, the anger i feel amplifies.

you guys have absolutely no right to talk about any one of us or even our relationship when you know nothing about us. if you have any bloody comments or sth you like to snigger, i rather you ask it in my face

dont act like a child come one. how old are you all? GROW UP PLEASE FOR GOODNESS.

January 18, 2011


this wait is excruciating:(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

December 24, 2010

am back from taiwan!:)
plenty and plenty of yummy food, hot taiwan girls! I MISS MY MILK TEA!
okay, so maybe when i stop feeling lazy, i’ll do a short post on my taiwan trip. though i highly suspect i’ll never get down to doing it because im always procastinating and as im here on this meanningless post, i have a million and one things waiting to do!

right now, im just feeling highly emotionally unstable thinking about exchange application.
it bothers me so much that no matter how well i do here at business, it’s never gonna make up for the lousy law mods they had to take into account for my overall cap! WHYYYYY. this is not gonna get me to the school i wanna go to:((((
and i desperately need to s/u my management science! yes i know the world is never fair, but just let me whine for now roar.
i keep telling myself to be contented, but its easier said than done. each day, i just get more discontented. SIGHHHHHHH

at least tmr’s christmas eve and its plenty of happy turkeys and hams waiting for me to devour. But before that, i will need to survive the horrid crowd i foresee in town tomorrow! hopefully, everyone’s so well-prepared for christmas this year they dont have to do any last minute shopping. right.

am in a terrific mood!
thanks to an awesome day spent with xiu and my favourite jiemeis:)

morton’s bar was reaaally goooood. chef must have felt extremely generous today, because we had a total of 8 rounds of steak sandwiches, even 30 mins past happy hour! and the happiest? crystal goh. each time she took a bite, you could literally see the glow in her face, no kidding.

pictures soon! super tired from an entire day of walking, laughing and more laughing.

random thoughts right off my head.
on a side note, i’m also feeling pretty disappointed. you know how i always believe in being generous to friends and family? so ngiao people friends really bother me like crazy, because well i think, it really reflects how much the friendship means to you. and its pretty much a reciprocity thing, if i’m giving this much to us, its only fair that you do the same, right? all of a sudden, i think they’re right that a party could either make or break a friendship. a thought just flashed past my mind, maybe i shld just cancel the party and save the trouble. right.